Phoney situation!

So, the other day I had called up my friend. It had been a while since I had spoken to him; a very nice, soft-spoken, well phonemannered guy. I’ve known him from school days. So, I call him. He answered the call & said ‘hello’… I said ‘what’s up dude? how’s it going?’. And that’s it!!! He did not reply & I kept saying ‘hello… hellooooo…’. Phone networks suck these days & it’s no secret… all you mobile service providers note this! Back to the phone call… sorry, I have this habit of deviating from what I was talking about, you have to bear with me 🙂 And just when I was about to hang up & call him back again, I heard my friend talking to someone! I could hear him asking a lady to lose her sweater. Well, I know eavesdropping is bad manners… but curiosity got the better of me & I stayed on the call. So, this friend of mine, after him asking the lady to knock off her sweater was asking her to lie down! Damn!!! Damn damn damn!!!! Was this the same soft-spoken, well mannered, gentleman of a friend I knew? My mind started spinning, I was thinking of what all would happen. And I could hear him on the call addressing that lady as ‘ajji’ (old lady)… I was even more shell-shocked! 😮 He continued… if you don’t remove the sweater & lie down, how’ll I inspect your arm? *TINNNNNGGG* That’s when I remembered that my friend is an orthopedic & he was merely doing his job!!! So much for a phone call!! *sigh*